A Chicago native, but raised in Cincinnati, Clare Wess Yauss is a Midwest lady with big, Hollywood dreams. Since the moment she played the pregnant Virgin Mary in a grade school Christmas play, pillow stuffed under the cloak  and all, she has been pursuing her dreams of becoming a successful actress. Clare received her B. A. from Loyola University in 2009, with a concentration in Theater with minors in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and English. While attending Loyola she participated in several productions, from acting to set building to lighting and also took a stab at directing and playwriting.

In 2010, Clare moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in commercial, film and television. Since she has been here, to her surprise, she has found a nice home in the L.A. theater scene and is thoroughly enjoying it. While honing her craft, Clare also enjoys writing, especially poetry, and is simultaneously pursing her dream of becoming an established poet.

When not busting her derriere trying to get auditions or serving the fine citizens of Beverly Hills, Clare is enjoying this strangely wonderful city and its intriguing people.


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